Is Cloud Management the new MSP Toolkit? A discussion with Jeff Nevins, cofounder of Simeon Cloud, about the MSP toolkit, his vision of cloud management, the market gap, and other players in the space.

00:00 An introduction to Simeon cloud and a blog about Azure AD & Intune and management
01:48 Do is the traditional MSP toolkit relevant?
02:55 What is your vision of cloud management?
04:08 What’s the gap between what is in the market and what is needed?
06:02 Is Microsoft the only way to go?
08:34 Why not Google workplace?
10:06 What not build on Salesforce & Slack?
11:43 Cloud management: Is it SaaS or IaaS?
13:51 How do you add “another vendor” to the management suite?
15:19 What is the one change that unlocks this market?
18:02 What has held the development back?
19:12 Will these tools disrupt or augment the MSP space?

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