Learn the eight steps you need to consider to guarantee you buy the right business for you. Want to launch your career as an entrepreneur without going through the pain points of building a brand new company? You could buy an existing business. Every year, more than 500,000 businesses change hands, and that number is expected to skyrocket as baby boomers begin retiring and selling their businesses. In other words, there’s no better time to buy.

Our video covers:

Step 1: Figure out What Type of Business You Want to Buy (0:21)

Step 2: Search for Businesses That Are for Sale (1:11)

Step 3: Understand Why a Business Is for Sale (1:53)

Step 4: Narrow in on a Business to Buy (2:41)

Step 5: Do Your Due Diligence (3:57)

Step 6: Evaluate the Price of the Business (4:55)

Step 7: Get the Capital You Need to Buy the Business (5:59)

Step 8: Close the Deal (6:31)

In this video, we provide a basic overview of how to buy an existing business. This video is not intended to provide legal advice or to form a professional relationship. We suggest contacting a business lawyer for advice specific to your circumstances.

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